Sunday, 29 January 2012

I learned much from Carlos

The main hick-ups Brandy and I encountered in her training were the lack of ‘quality’ time I was able to spend with her and me occasionally misunderstanding brumby language, being more familiar with the average horsey language.

I learned much from Carlos Tabernaberri in this respect and he put my mind at ease with regards to the charging which Brandy would get into on a couple of occasions during early training sessions. Real street fighters they are, he told me for instance and that explained a few things away.
It had been hard to reconcile Brandy’s soft and gentle nature with those few instances, but basically brumbies don’t muck around. Carlos and I agree that brumbies are so personable and really interact and are engaged. Overall they also tend to be very friendly horses to those whom they trust. The people which I’ve spoken to that know and have worked with brumbies agree that if it were a possible choice we’d only work with brumbies. Best horses ever.

Carlos is coming over again for another visit to the Fraser Coast, not sure if there’s any spaces left for his workshop.

Carlos Tabernaberri is from