Saturday, 28 January 2012

Does Brandy still want to be an RDA horse?

Time will tell. At one stage during her training I considered her to be a perfect EFL horse because of her sweet and gentle nature and her responsiveness to the people around her. She is just so eager to please.

I can’t remember if I mentioned Equine Facilitated Learning before but I did a great workshop about a year ago with Franklin from and have come to appreciate how people learn and progress through their interaction with horses.
What I like about the discipline of EFL particularly is that people don’t have to ride a horse to benefit from the interaction. This makes equine therapy available to anyone, not just people with a desire or ability to ride a horse.

Through the desensitisation process I went through with Brandy I noticed how alert and receptive she was and I was getting close to introducing her to my rider friends at the RDA. The plan was to utilise the EFL training with Brandy and this way slowly incorporate her into the program. I had noticed how much the riders enjoyed to handle the horses on the ground and not only be involved with riding them.
Brandy would be perfect in that regard because she is so pure if you like, un-spoilt with her responses real and as yet not tainted by bad habits or too much or handling of inexperienced hands.