Monday, 7 March 2011

Priorities and prioritising ..

Riding for the Disabled started its new year this month and all the preparations have certainly kept me on my toes. I’ve also just returned from meeting with friends on my travels and the RDA State Conference where we had a ball with carriage driving, vaulting and Hippo-therapy on the menu. I had a good old yarn with the other coaches and learned STACKS. Huge thank you to the organisers, it was awesome. 

And on 21st and 22nd of March Franklin Levinson will be visiting our RDA centre for an equine facilitated learning and horsemanship workshop. If you want to find out more about this I suggest that you visit his website There’s a few places left for both active participants as well as fence sitters.

One of the horsey secrets I learned from Franklin is to allow the horse to show affection. I am usually so busy to show Brandy this and teach her that and desensitize or feed or brut, scrape out her hoofs and so on. Always busy doing something. Well that’s a lot of input for a horse, way more than what they usually get in the wild. In the wild they just hang out together a lot and give out (energy) as well as take in. When I thought about it, it made a lot of sense. It is very easy to overwhelm horses’ senses and never allow them to return some of the affection which we lavish upon them.

So for a little while I’ve just been sitting on my newly build fence watching the birds and the sky and the uninvited white-ants with her. And it doesn’t take long for her to be wanting to be close to me and nibble and smell a bit before she dozes off with her fluffy ears tickling my face. So now hanging out has become one of my top priorities.

It’s all about priorities and I’ve got a zillion of them to categorise and prioritise. Brandy knows she’s number One, as is Sam and Rain, oh yeah and the RDA and ..