Thursday, 3 March 2011

I just stumbled a little.

If I’ve been sounding confused it is because I was puzzled for a little while and couldn’t make head nor tail of what was happening.

We were doing real good and only waiting for the right person to come along and take our brumby for a ride. Both my sister and I’ve perfected our flying lessons recently (different horses) and have come to the conclusion that we may be better suited next time around to be part of the ground crew. 

Brandy was ready, we were ready but I tell you what, this mare can also be the most ferocious unicorn. I’ve seen her grow horns/batwings in an instant, exhaling fiery furnace and all when she’s not happy. The last tantrum threw me a little. Those teeth are seriously big from very close up. But after watching our professional friends giving her a run for her money I remembered the sweet natured brumby which Terry delivered all these months ago and I felt negligent for not having coaxed more of that sweetness out of her more of the time.

I’m now more remorseful than anything. The yard is tidied up with all pruned tree branches woven into a neat little pen. With our next tidy-up-branches I’ll create us a round yard. Brandy is ready, I am ready. Many thanks to the author of The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses by P. R. Kincaid with John J. Stutzman. During one of the recent rainy spells I had a bit of a browse through this ebook. It is a free download from the web. Funnily enough I very much followed his guidelines before reading the ebook. Can’t give you a better endorsement than that. I discovered that there is many different brands of horsemanship, and gentle and easy-does-it works well for us.

We are on the right track. I just stumbled a little but she never missed a beat.

It’s all about the horse and if it isn’t working .. where am I going wrong?