Sunday, 27 February 2011

Forever a wannabe? Miss Moody? seven months later.

Brandy maybe a wannabe but man, she’s gotta try a little harder if she’s serious about it. I keep telling her that RDA horses are solid horses. She’s too young to realise or care that RDA horses are usually a little bit older and generally they have pretty much seen and done it all. But if she wants to join the crew and me at the centre, she really has to grow some maturity quickly.

The findings at seven months are that I’ve a nice relationship going with a belligerent tantrum throwing teenager who seriously has got to be pulled into line. I obviously don’t blame her for any of it because even though I never let her get away with anything, what the heck was I doing allowing a little stallion in with her? Who did I think was going to be the matriarch in this scenario? A no brainer really, so Expert Hand One told me, and who am I to disagree.

Brandy’s utterly charming personality certainly pulled the wool over my eyes and she had even me believe that really I was the one .. till her moods took over.

Professional help had been called in because Brandy’s fiery nature though still likeable was becoming displaced and needing containing. I had kept thinking that she had a reason for charging (the dog led around the yard on the lead by my sister, Baileys our mini stallion, etc) but have come to the conclusion that in MY yard, nobody has any reason to charge anyone and that’s the message miss Moody will be getting from me from now on.