Friday, 28 January 2011

Green as grass after six months.

By now I had expected to be riding her and early on all indications were that this was going to happen. Instead, all of a sudden, seemingly out of the blue, she’s gone pretty feral on me and I booked some ‘ol hands for advice and an assessment.

“Well, she’s pretty green this one, isn’t she? Haven’t done any work with her yet have you?”

What is going on? I am now really confused. After chasing and cornering Brandy the three of us (two expert hands and me) finally get her on the lead-rope and Expert Hand 1 is testing the desensitisation of Brandy with a carrot stick/lunge whip. 

Expert Hand One said, “Look, can you see how green she is, even my two year old foals don’t quite act like her, she’s ready to go the moment she’ll see an opening.”
Brandy’s sweat drenched quivering body was expertly being handled by trainer two who continued to run the whip softly against her body. 

Expert Hand One continued, “That’ll easy be a good two years before you’re going any place with this one.”


We were doing so good. Were we?